And when I feel the darkness, when I can see the death, when all I have is the pain, I know… Its time to die.

The depression is all I have, I can’t feel the light and the life anymore, that is the dead end. I pray to stay with you but you don’t care about me, you just want to be happy and you don’t care if is with or without me. The death is calling me, I know and I feel it, the death wants me more thanĀ  you, the death loves me like I love you, the death loves me more than you.

I see your eyes everywhere, I feel your mouth and your arms holding me but I know, you aren’t here anymore, you left me a one year ago, you said “Goodbye” and then I never saw you again.

I’m so lonely, I pray every night to see you again, I pray to take you in my arms and feel you, who are you now? Where are you now?

When a met you, I was happy and I forgot the pain, the darkness, the ghosts, the depression and this horror movie… But now, you show me who I’m, I have a dirty and rotten soul, I’m my own death.

If I cut myself again, what do you do? You will scream? You will left me alone more than I’m? I remember every dirty word you said about me, everything you do for me, the bad and the good things, I remember everything, I swear.

When I die, you will remember these things too?